Tales of the Tentacled Gunslinger is a Weird West fanzine inspired by and specifically for the Dark Trails RPG by David Baity.

With this fanzine I hope to inspire and to assist your Dark Trails Weird West gaming experience with providing you with scenarios, monsters, stats, guns and more.

Tales of the Tentacled Gunslinger, like Dark Trails is DCC RPG compatible - but don’t let that stop you for using it for other Weird West gaming.

The fanzine is a love letter to both the mythic Wild West that exists in Spaghetti Westerns, Steampunk and books like Deadmans’s Road by Joe Lansdale, the Merkabah Rider series by Ed Erdelac and the stranger than fiction tales of the actual Wild West.

As such, it should fit nicely into any gaming system with a little tweaking.